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Welcome to MillionBalls, the premiere pool simulator designed to improve your real-life game. Play right from your mobile or desktop browser – no download required!

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Train To Aim

Visualize shots as if you were at a physical table

Approach shots as you would in real life. Aim while standing, get down to shoot. You can even configure your height and stance to match your own body.

Get immediate detailed feedback on each shot, so you can try again and keep improving.

Data Nerds, Rejoice!

Detailed stats and charts on your progress

See how your accuracy improves with each drill and shot you practice. Focus on more than just making the ball – learn to hit the center of the target. The more you practice the more data and insights you’ll get!

Rack up Relationships

What’s pool without a bit of friendly competition?

Connect with friends, teammates, and frenemies to improve together. Network with tutors, players, and pros of all levels for support and tips. Join a community that truly gets you!